Wreck Diving

A fleet of WWII Japanese warships now sits on the lagoon floor. Decorated with six decades of coral growth and protected by law from looters, these "shipreefs" are the most beautiful in the world.

Nearly 60 wrecks and planes litter the vast lagoon floor, making exploration for every level of diver a true adventure. Divers also visit the outer reefs, walls, passes and inner lagoon reefs.

The sea floor beneath the Chuuk Lagoon is steeped in history. A major shipwreck site from World War II, the hulks have been transformed into amazing shipreefs, holding the very best of the undersea world and maritime history at one site. Incredible corals in a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes attract divers worldwide for both daytime and night diving. Schooling tropical fish smother the ships.

Often overlooked are the outer reefs where a great variety of fish, both pelagic and reef dwelling, venture near cascading oral walls. Chuuk is the ultimate scuba destination.