International Airlines
Truk is served many times weekly out of Guam and Honolulu by Continental Micronesia. See: for the most up to date schedule information

There are no local airlines in Truk at the moment.

Rental Cars
His & Hers
P. O. Box 558
Weno, Chuuk FM 96942

J & R
P. O. Box 217
Weno, Chuuk FM 96942

Blue Lagoon Resort
P. O. Box 340
Weno, Chuuk FM 96942

Truk Stop
P. O. Box 546
Weno, Chuuk FM 96942

RS Plaza
P. O. Box 37
Weno, Chuuk FM 96942

P. O. Box 64
Weno, Chuuk FM 96942

Rian Chuuk
P. O. Box 394
Weno, Chuuk FM 96942

Ferry Services
There are daily ferries to the lagoon islands. Commuters are mostly government workers and farmers going to Weno.

Buses are used for large tour groups and for going to and from the airport. They are operated and owned privately by hotels or live aboards.

Taxis are normally pickup trucks or cars that run in the Weno vicinity. Rides can be had for 50 cents or a dollar to most destinations on Weno Island.